How to Close Unused Current Account

Accounts that you do not use in banks , accounts that operate in vain account operating fees may open business for us. We may need to make unnecessary payments, and when you deposit money into the account, automatic deductions may result in uncalculated payments.

In order not to face such situations, you can close the accounts that you do not use and avoid such problems in order to avoid problems. There are many options in front of you to close your demand deposit accounts . You can choose the best of them, you can easily close your accounts with short methods. So how to close the unused demand deposit account?

How to Close Unused Current Account?


Opening an account in banks is easy and quick. Banks help them with easy transactions while providing customers. You may want to close your demand deposit account that is not used as your bank accounts are opened. There are several ways to do this. Although some methods are difficult, others are shown as easily acceptable methods.

Since banks are more active in digital environments, some banks are able to open and close accounts through online environments. You can close your bank account using these methods. However, if your bank does not have this method, you can easily close your account by choosing the steps listed below.

If you can handle transactions using online steps in your bank, you do not need to choose other steps. You can make transactions directly using internet banking , you can close your account by calling customer service.

What happens to unclosed accounts?


A person has a demand account in more than one bank. But you must have a bank where you feel close. However, bank accounts that you do not use may put you in trouble. Your bank accounts that are open and not closed also accumulate commission payments. In addition, your unused deposit account causes confusion during the transactions you make. To do this, you should close accounts that you do not use and avoid confusion and unnecessary fees.

Is it obligatory to pay commission to banks?


Please note that you are not using an account to close. It is easier to close your account if you haven’t used your account in the last 6 months or 1 year. With the law which came into force in 2014, deposit accounts were closed . According to the statements made in 2014, depositless accounts, credit cards or other banking services that are not used for 180 days should be closed. The customer makes a request to close the depositless account. The Bank gives information to its customers for a certain period of time. If the closure does not take place within this period, the commission is paid.

How to Close an Account with Petition?

With the commencement of this application, applications are made for closing open and unused depositless accounts. There are both opening and closing of a wide range of services offered by banks. Banks’ customers in the service sector are very important. So easy account is not closed as easy account is opened. Account closures are mandatory, but they make transactions a bit difficult. They provide some good possibilities for not closing your account. However, if you really want to close your deposit account, printing a petition will speed up your transaction.

Closed Account Notification How?

In which branch you opened your bank account, you should apply to that bank. You should also contact the customer representative at the branch. You should tell the agent your depositless account you wish to close . The bank representative may also ask you for a deposit-free account closure letter and signature. As a result of these transactions, you are notified by e-mail or message. After this notification, the bank can call you again. This is to re- open an account or give you a credit card . You should pay attention to this phone banking. However, you can open a credit card or account at your request.

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